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Good Things Happen When You Listen

Outside of delivering a solid working product, the single most important thing a company should do is listen. Listen to their customers. Listen to the marketplace. Listen to the trends of what is coming.

I’m happy to say that Luma Release 10, which went live yesterday, is the result of a lot of listening.

When we started Luma in 2009, the founders agreed that we would create solutions that actually met the needs of our customers, not just launch a solution and try to wedge a customer into it. With Release 10, we continue to deliver on that promise.

With Release 10, Luma customers will see enhanced brand protection capabilities, new dashboards and improved integration. I won’t bore you with a list of every improvement in this release, but here are a few:

Enhanced brand protection

The Luma platform has always had the ability to create permissions for documents at defined user levels. To this, it now adds the enhanced capabilities of:

-the ability to allow or not allow the ability to edit portions of a template;

-the ability to allow or not allow moving and resizing portions of a template;

-the ability to restrict fonts and colors in any portion of a template;

-the ability to restrict products and templates at the user level.

These changes provide more control of customizations at a granular level.

New Dashboards

Luma Release 10 introduces comprehensive, graphical business intelligence dashboards to the Luma platform. With this enhancement, companies will be able to track in real time key platform metrics, including which marketing materials are being used and volumes.

Improved Integration

Release 10 promises increased performance when integrating the Luma platform via a single sign-on. It also provides substantial API enhancements and additional flexibility for integrators, such as the ability to include just the editing and proofing steps of the Luma process in the single sign-on scenario.

If you are a Luma customer, I look forward to hearing your feedback regarding the Luma platform’s new capabilities. If you are not a Luma customer yet, contact a Luma representative at sales@lumacentral.com. They will be happy to listen to your needs and show you how Luma can help.


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