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Sales and Marketing Executives Agree: We Don’t Know What Our Channel Is Doing

Posted at11:00 AM , March 28, 2011 , by Erik Laurijssen

At Luma, we try to constantly get a better understanding of what our customers and prospects deal with on a day-to-day basis. It is for this reason that I am happy to say we have found a great partner in Gatepoint Research.

Recently, Gatepoint Research completed a survey on Channel Marketing Optimization, which was sponsored by Luma. The findings are in a word: incredible.

We anticipated that senior sales and marketing executives weren’t satisfied with the lack of control of how marketing was executed in the field, but were still surprised by the large percentage that shared this view:

  • A third of respondents fear that locally developed marketing programs will potentially misuse their brand, logo or marketing message.
  • An addition 25% believe they have poor visibility into the field or channel activities and are concerned about the lack of management reports about field or channel activities.

You can see the complete research results at


Just as Luma is committed to delivering on-demand marketing solutions for the field and channel sales, we are also committed to speaking with customers and prospects about their future needs. Our ongoing conversations with customers as well as research like the survey conducted by Gatepoint Research provide valuable input for our product roadmap and marketing approach.


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